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FHM - Mixing Shunts

The prefabricated Danfoss floor heating mixing shunts are used for regulating the correct flow and supply temperature in hydronic floor heating systems.

The compact design and flexibility allows mount­ing the mixing shunt directly to the manifold, both on left and right side and primary pipe connection to the shunt from the side or below. A self-acting proportional regulator is used to regulate the supply temperature. The regulator ensures the correct mix so that the desired supply temperature to the underfloor heating system always remains constant, irrespective of load. A possible safety thermostat protects the floor against too high temperatures and the electronic variable speed pump is adjusting itself for correct flow in the cir­cuits. A standard 3-speed pump is also available. The built-in check valve ensures correct flow direction and it is prepared for both inserting thermometers and temperature sensors. An air-vent on top completes the mixing shunt.

FHM - Mixing Shunts

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