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Akva Lux II

Instantaneous water heater with heat exchanger for use in large one-family houses and apartments as well as small apartment buildings.

A thermostatic and pressure controlled instantaneous water heater for large villas with several bathrooms or jacuzzi. Also suitable for the large family, for which an exceptionally large amount of water is required.

Akva Lux II

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Akva Lux II

004U8243 Akva Lux II type 1 (XB 06H-1-26), without cover1612032,3 - 41Protok/termostatski 
004U8244 Akva Lux II type 2 (XB 06H-1-40), without cover1612032.3 - 53Protok/termostatski 
004U8245 Akva Lux II type 1 (XB 06H-1-26), with cover1612032,3 - 41Protok/termostatski 
004U8246 Akva Lux II type 2 (XB 06H-1-40), with cover1612032.3 - 53Protok/termostatski 


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Akva Lux II
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Circulation set for water heater
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Uputstva za montažu
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