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Termix VVX-I

District heating substation for indirect heating and instantaneous domestic hot water with flow- compensated temperature controller for use in one- or multi-family houses.

The Termix VVX-I is used if a heat exchanger is required or on a conversion to district heating where the existing equipment is unsuitable for direct connection.

Termix VVX-I

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Case Stories
First ever district heating system with substations in Turkey
VZLZC102_CaseStory_SomaTurkey_lores.pdf (0,4 Mb), Literatura broj: VZLZC102, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 27/10 2016
Teknopark Istanbul: First-mover in district energy
VZLZD202_CaseStory_Teknopark_Turkey_Substations_4pages_Sep2018_low-res_spread.pdf (0,6 Mb), Literatura broj: VZLZD102, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 26/10 2016

Fernwärmehandbuch: Zukunftssichere Lösungen. Unser Know-how für Sie zusammengefasst
VGHZA203_Fernwaerme_Applikationshandbuch.pdf (10,2 Mb), Literatura broj: VGHZA203, Jezik: njemački, Datum objave: 10/11 2014
Making applications future proof, all our knowledge – is now yours
VGHZA202_Application_Handbook_Sep2014_hires.pdf (63,5 Mb), Literatura broj: VGHZA202, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 16/09 2014
Novi učinkoviti sustav s individualnim toplinskim podstanicama
VGHEB237_Sep2014_LR.pdf (6,1 Mb), Literatura broj: VGHEB237, Jezik: Hrvatski, Datum objave: 16/09 2014
Take lead on your project with an efficient system concept
VGHEB302_Sep2014_LR.pdf (7,7 Mb), Literatura broj: VGHEB302, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 16/09 2014

Die Auswahl der richtigen Fernwärmeübergabestation ist wirtschaftlich sinnvoll
VBJVB203_Fernwaermeuebergabestationen.pdf (10,8 Mb), Literatura broj: VBJVB203, Jezik: njemački, Datum objave: 14/08 2017
Increase individual living comfort and take control of energy costs
EvoFlat VGHEB137.pdf (15,1 Mb), Literatura broj: VBGPB137, Jezik: Hrvatski, Datum objave: 13/12 2013
Individualne stambene toplinske podstanice ITPS
Individualne stambene toplinske podstanice - HR.indd.pdf (2,5 Mb), Literatura broj: VBCWC137, Jezik: Hrvatski, Datum objave: 24/04 2008
Određivanje prave podstanice daljinskog grijanja ima komercijalnog smisla
VBJVB137_DH_Substations_Leaflet_lores.pdf (2,5 Mb), Literatura broj: VBJVB137, Jezik: Hrvatski, Datum objave: 06/08 2015
Specifying the right district heating substation makes commercial sense
VBJVB102_DH_Substations_Leaflet_lores.pdf (2,4 Mb), Literatura broj: VBJVB102, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 05/03 2015

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Ekspanzijski uređaji
VDEHD137_Ekspanzijski_uredjaji.pdf (1,1 Mb), Literatura broj: VDEHD137, Jezik: Hrvatski, Datum objave: 30/06 2010

Tehnički podaci
VLIEQ202_S_Solo_lores.pdf (0,2 Mb), Literatura broj: VLIEQ202, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 22/05 2018
Termix VVX-I
VLEHB402_Termix_VVX-I-PS-1612-EN.pdf (0,6 Mb), Literatura broj: VLEHB402, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 19/12 2016
Termix VVX-I with complete insulation
VLHEM202_Termix_VVX-I_with_compl_insul-1612.pdf (0,2 Mb), Literatura broj: VLHEM202, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 08/12 2016

Termix BVX-FI RO
VIMPC102_Termix_BVX-FI_RO.pdf (5,3 Mb), Literatura broj: VIMPC102, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 25/06 2018
Termix VVX-I
VIEHG103_Termix_VVX-I.pdf (1,7 Mb), Literatura broj: VIEHG103, Jezik: njemački, Datum objave: 25/05 2011
Termix VVX-I
VIEHG502_Termix_VVX-I.pdf (1,7 Mb), Literatura broj: VIEHG502, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 08/08 2019
Termix VVX-I with insulation
VIHEJ402_Termix_VVX-I_insulation.pdf (2,8 Mb), Literatura broj: VIHEJ402, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 08/01 2019