Sonometer™ 500

An ultrasonic static compact energy meter designed for heating applications in buildings, especially residential sub-metering (e.g. in flat stations).

The Sonometer™500 is approved according to MID examination certificate No.: DE-13-MI004-PTB011.

Sonometer™ 500

Tehnički podaci

Narudžbeni brojTypeApplicationNominal flow rate
Overall length
Nominal diameter
Connection type


187F0500 SONOMETER™ 500Heating0,61101516Thread
187F0501 SONOMETER™ 500Heating1,51101516Thread
187F0502 SONOMETER™ 500Heating1,51302016Thread
187F0503 SONOMETER™ 500Heating2,51302016Thread
187F0504 SONOMETER™ 500Heating0,61101516Thread
187F0505 SONOMETER™ 500Heating1,51101516Thread
187F0506 SONOMETER™ 500Heating1,51302016Thread
187F0507 SONOMETER™ 500Heating2,51302016Thread


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