An energy calculator especially designed for heating, cooling or combined heating/cooling application in local and district energy systems.

The INFOCAL 8 has been approved according to MID.


Tehnički podaci

Narudžbeni brojTypeApplicationNominal flow rate
Overall length
Nominal diameter
Connection type


087G1307 INFOCAL 8Heating    
087G1308 INFOCAL 8Heating    
087G1311 INFOCAL 8Heating    
087G1324 INFOCAL 8Heating    
087G6217 INFOCAL 8Heating    
087G6218 INFOCAL 8Heating    
087G6219 INFOCAL 8Heating    
087G6220 INFOCAL 8Heating    
087G6221 INFOCAL 8Heating    
087G6222 INFOCAL 8Heating    


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