Dynamic Valve

Danfoss Dynamic Valve is an innovative radiator valve with a 2-in-1 valve design. It combines a thermostatic radiator valve and a differential pressure controller for accurate temperature control and automatic hydronic balancing in a single product.

The built-in differential pressure controller eliminates pressure fluctuations in a two-pipe heating system. The pre-setting ring with 1-7+N scale is used to limit the maximum flow between 10-135 liters per hour. By using Dynamic ValveTM a perfectly controlled and automatic hydronic balanced heating system is simply established.

Dynamic Valve

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IzvedbaDimenzija ventila
kv - raspon pri
Xp = 0.5 - 2.0 K


013G7711 RA-DVAngle10 F
013G7712 RA-DVStraight10 F
013G7713 RA-DVAngle15 F
013G7714 RA-DVStraight15 F
013G7721 RA-DVAngle10 D
013G7722 RA-DVStraight10 D
013G7723 RA-DVAngle15 D
013G7724 RA-DVStraight15 D
013G7831 InsertService Insert for RA-DV   
013G7855 dP tooldelta P Tool   


Aplikacijski list
Dynamic Valves™ Type RA-DV Application Guide
RA-DV_VAGWG102.pdf (1,0 Mb), Literatura broj: VAGWG102, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 28/03 2014

Case Stories
Case story Dynamic Valve™ Sonderborg State school
RA-DV_Soenderborg Statsskole_VZGWI102_June2015_low-res.pdf (1,5 Mb), Literatura broj: VZGWI102, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 03/07 2015
Dynamic Valve case story: Energy savings and improved comfort for 56 year old apartment building
VZGWG102_DynamicValve_CaseStory_4-pages_UK_Oct2014.pdf (1,2 Mb), Literatura broj: VZGWG102, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 04/11 2014

10 years warranty certificate - mTRV
VCMQD102_mTRV_WarrantyCertificate_10year_A4_highres.pdf (0,1 Mb), Literatura broj: VCMQD102, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 26/11 2018
5 years warranty certificate - mTRV
VCMQC102_mTRV_WarrantyCertificate_5year_A4_highres.pdf (0,1 Mb), Literatura broj: VCMQC102, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 26/11 2018
Manufacturer's Certificate for Self-Acting Sensors and Valves
VCIDL102_200130627.pdf (0,1 Mb), Literatura broj: VCIDL102, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 27/06 2013
RA-DV Manufacturer's Certificate
RA-DV_VCGWP102.pdf (0,1 Mb), Literatura broj: VCGWP102, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 04/08 2014
Test protocol radiator valves
Test_protocol_VCSXQ202.pdf (0,6 Mb), Literatura broj: VCSXQ202, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 19/03 2012

Flow and Difference Pressure Optimize Guide
Flow_Pressure-Optimizing_VFGWG102.pdf (0,9 Mb), Literatura broj: VFGWG102, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 06/05 2014
New ways of balancing two-pipe systems
VFGWK302_Tech_Paper.pdf (3,7 Mb), Literatura broj: VFGWK202, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 26/06 2019
Novi načini ujednačenja sustava s dvije cijevi
VFGWK137 Tech Paper_LR.pdf (3,0 Mb), Literatura broj: VFGWK137, Jezik: Hrvatski, Datum objave: 08/03 2016
Tech Info EN 215
Tech_info_EN215 2018.xls (4,0 Mb), Literatura broj: VFLXA602, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 11/10 2018

Change from manual to thermostatic radiator valves
Danfoss_EU_TRV_2-pager_Feb2016_high.pdf (1,1 Mb), Literatura broj: VBJPV202, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 16/02 2016
Dynamic valve - Building owner brochure
VBGWK302_Jun2019-updated.pdf (4,6 Mb), Literatura broj: VBGWK302, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 26/06 2019
Dynamic Valve - Building owner brochure
VBGWM402_DynamicValve_4p_Leaflet_June2019_CC.pdf (3,4 Mb), Literatura broj: VBGWM402, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 26/06 2019
Dynamic Valve - Designer and installer brochure
VBGWL402_DynamicValve_12p_Brochure_June2016_CC-updated.pdf (11,2 Mb), Literatura broj: VBGWL402, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 26/06 2019
Product Overview - Radiator thermostats
VBLTA302_TRV_Brochure_MASTER_Jun2019-updated.pdf (5,2 Mb), Literatura broj: VBLTA302, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 26/06 2019

Tehničke podloge (tehnički prospekt)
Dynamic Valve™ Type RA-DV, Pressure Independent Radiator Valve
VDGWJ502_RA-DV (English).pdf (1,8 Mb), Literatura broj: VDGWJ502, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 21/02 2019
Dynamic Valve™ Type RA-DV, Pressure Independent Radiator Valve
VDGWJ537_RA-DV (Croatian).pdf (1,8 Mb), Literatura broj: VDGWJ537, Jezik: Hrvatski, Datum objave: 21/02 2019
Valve Set for Hydro Cable, RA-N/HC and RLV-S/HC
RA-N-HC_VDGWL102.pdf (0,6 Mb), Literatura broj: VDGWL102, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 17/09 2014

Service Kit for RA-DV Dynamic Valve™
RA-DV_Service-Kit_VIGWK36V A4.pdf (1,0 Mb), Literatura broj: VIGWK36V, Jezik: (6V) GB,DE,FR,NL,CN,PL, Datum objave: 06/03 2015

Uputstva za montažu
Delta p Tool for RA-DV Dynamic Valves™
VUFQA302_013R9583_RA-DV_Presetting Tool (English).pdf (0,9 Mb), Literatura broj: VUFQA302, Jezik: engleski, Datum objave: 24/06 2019